Family Law

Family Law


The specialization of family law in Texas involves several different areas of practice, each with their own particular set of issues that must be taken into consideration in order to successfully bring a matter to an advantageous conclusion. The Dallas Family Law legal team at the Udeshi Law Firm have the knowledge and experience to provide a superior level of representation with a high degree of personalized attention for every client, whether in a simple uncontested divorce or a high profile case including significant property at issue.

Mr. Clark is the most Genuine, Selfless, human being I’ve encountered. His integrity is bar none. He went above and beyond mine and everyone’s else’s expectation, and delivered results no one thought were possible. Because of him, I have one of the greatest relationships that a father could ask to have with his daughter (My Everything)

Thank you, Mr. Clark. Thank you for believing in me.

— Timothy

The nature of family law cases of all sorts often makes them stressful, highly charged experiences, but our compassionate legal time makes it our job to take as much of the burden of your situation into our hands as possible, freeing you to concentrate on your life. Our team has the experience to handle the full range of family law situations that you may encounter. No two family law situations are the same, and an attorney’s approach to them should not be either. In addition to our focus on divorce law we also are also highly knowledgeable in a variety of related matters:

  • Child Custody Issues
  • Post-Divorce Modification of Court Orders
  • Enforcement of Divorce Agreements
  • Protective Orders
  • Family Violence Issues

Dallas Texas Family Law Representation Tailored to Your Situation

When a client needs legal representation they want the best. And in Collin County and the Dallas metroplex that means you want the Dallas Law Offices of Udeshi Clark and Associates. Prominent young family law attorneys who have worked with a number of high profile firms prior to starting their own practice, Udeshi Clark and Associates combines extensive trial, mediation, hearing, and settlement experience with the work ethic, flexibility, and efficiency that is often hard to find in more traditionally established legal practices. At Udeshi Clark and Associates the goal of our experienced legal team is to provide outstanding legal services at competitive prices. Our compassionate team of experienced legal professionals will give you the attention and personalized care necessary to ease this difficult time in your life.

The Law Offices of Udeshi Law Firm:
Your Dallas Family Law Solution

If you are considering getting a divorce, have child custody issues that need to be resolved, or need representation in other family law related matters, contact the Dallas Law Offices of Udeshi Law Firm today to see how we can work for you.