If you have been arrested for on suspicion of DWI in Texas, the Department of Motor Vehicles could initiate an administrative license revocation of your Driver’s License. If you are arrested while driving and you fail or refuse to take a blood or breath test for alcohol, the police could take your physical driver’s license right then and there, at the time of your arrest and suspend your driver’s license.


Once you have been arrested, you have a 15-day deadline from the date of the arrest to request an ALR hearing to contest the departmental suspension of your driver’s license. If you fail to request a hearing within the 15-day deadline, your driver’s license will be suspended for 90 days beginning on the 41st day after the arrest. Once a hearing is requested, you will be permitted to keep your driving privileges until an ALR license suspension hearing can be held, or until the underlying DWI case is resolved.


If you refuse to submit to an alcohol test in, the Department of Motor Vehicles can automatically suspend your license for an additional 180 days. This 180-day additional Departmental suspension can only be dismissed if you defeat the DWI in court.


If your license is suspended after an ALR hearing, or if you did not request an ALR hearing, you could still be eligible to exercise driving privileges in Texas by applying for an occupational driver’s license or a needs-based driver’s license.  An Occupational Driver’s License allows a person with a suspended driver’s license to drive lawfully to and from work, school, and places necessary to accomplish essential household duties.


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